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Anjali Prasad Lawyer for Federal Criminal Defense

Prasad Legal, PLLC

Anjali Prasad, Esquire

If you are the target of a federal investigation, or are currently charged with a crime, our team will aggressively represent your interests.  Anjali is a former Assistant United States Attorney and has been trying cases from both sides of the courtroom for over twenty years.  Most attorneys can either write motions or litigate in court.  Anjali was trained to do both.  When you hire Prasad Legal, you will get full-service representation.

Compassionate Release

AP won the compassionate release of numerous federal inmates based on COVID-19 concerns. If your loved one is currently incarcerated in a federal institution, they are vulnerable to COVID-19 and may be eligible for early release. Contact AP today for a virtual courtesy consultation.  Let AP bring your loved one home.

Metro Detroit Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Flint area doctor, sentenced to 328 years in prison, looking to be released.

We’ve been seeing federal inmates pardoned, their sentences commuted, even getting compassionate release for COVID-19 in recent weeks. He was sentenced to prison for 328 years!

Attorney Anjali Prasad says sentence is “unbelievable” and doctor has health issues. “I was informed there was a doctor sitting in a high security prison serving a 328 year sentence and I did not believe it,” says attorney Anjali Prasad.


  • Are you the target of a criminal investigation?
  • Has a search warrant been executed at your business or in your home?
  • Have your financial assets been seized?
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  • Post-sentence Relief
  • Appeals
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Anjali Prasad

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Client Testimonials

Super Hero of the Law
Ms. Prasad's guidance is backed with knowledge. She poured her dedication, heart, and brilliance into my family's case. If you or anyone you know is seeking superb representation, she's the way to go.
Jess K.
Wonderful Experience
I hired Ms. Prasad to follow up on certain legal issues. She has been nothing short of phenomenal. She is smart, caring, and loyal. Her willingness to "hold my hand" throughout this difficult process has been exceptional, and the fact that she answers each of my calls at all hours is terrific. She definitely goes the extra mile and always makes a concerted effort to follow up on each and every last detail. Could not have asked for more in an attorney.
Kenneth H.