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Federal Lawyer in Oakland County Michigan

Anjali Prasad, Esquire

Federal Criminal Defense Firm - Oakland County, MI.

Federal crimes range from white collar offenses, such as racketeering (RICO), healthcare fraud, public corruption, to terrorism. Some of these federal crimes are outlined in United States Code, and can include tax evasion, mail fraud, possession of illegal weapons and more. Other federal crimes may include various online identity theft, hate crimes and kidnapping. All crimes that are committed on federal property or land, such as military facilities, may also be investigated and charged as a federal offense. If you believe that you are under investigation or have already been placed into custody, you should work quickly to retain a federal defense attorney. Your call to Prasad Legal could be the most important call you make. Be assured, Anjali Prasad will work relentlessly for you to receive a positive resolution to your federal case.

Moreover, you need a lawyer experienced in federal criminal defense proceedings to stand a chance against a highly experienced federal prosecutor and federal agencies. As a former federal prosecutor, Anjali Prasad has the unique experience required to represent you in federal court, so if you or someone you know is currently facing federal charges, or if you have been contacted by law enforcement regarding a federal crime, our federal criminal defense firm in Oakland County is available immediately.

Federal Lawyer in Oakland County Michigan

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Oakland County, MI.

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Federal Crimes Lawyer Oakland County

A Trusted Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Oakland County

Anjali represents clients facing serious federal charges such as conspiracy, bribery, and others at all stages of the federal criminal process. This includes providing counsel during federal investigations, during and after a grand jury hearing, as well as through the conclusion of your trial. Prasad Legal is a full-service federal criminal defense firm in Oakland County and serves Clients all over Michigan who are facing federal charges.

The criminal defense attorney you hire today will shape the rest of your life.  Anjali Prasad will view your case with the trained eye of a former federal prosecutor.  She will aggressively chip away at the evidence against you as only an experienced federal attorney can do. If you decide to go to trial, Anjali has extensive jury experience on both sides of the courtroom.  Additionally, she has a comprehensive understanding of the federal sentencing guidelines and how they can work for you, and work against you. Request your consultation today!

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Federal Criminal Defense

  • White Collar Crime
  • Public Corruption
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Narcotics
  • and more.
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General Criminal Defense

  • Domestic Violence
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Narcotics
  • and more.
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Federal Litigation Consulting

  • Federal Sentencing Factor Analysis
  • Pre-Trial Supervision
  • Pre-Sentence Investigation Report
  • Prison Consulting
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Legal Representation

  • Pre-Indictment
  • Indictment
  • Post-sentence Relief
  • Compassionate Release